Litigation and Arbitration

The firm’s Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group covers a wide range of business, real estate and commercial matters. Our attorneys pride themselves as problem-solvers in seeking cost-effective, practical solutions wherever possible; but stand ready to proceed to court if required to protect a client’s interests.

With several years’ experience, each of our attorneys has been successful in resolving business and real estate-related problems for clients, including individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, financial institutions and corporations, large and small. Our litigation approach, staffing and strategy is designed for each client, taking into consideration the nature and severity of the dispute, the amount at stake, the projected costs, and the alternatives to proceeding into court, including arbitration and mediation.

In addition to counseling and representing clients in a wide array of disputes in and out of court, our attorneys also serve as mediators and/or court-appointed settlement judges in the Sacramento region. As a result, the firm’s litigators bring a unique perspective to handling virtually any business or real estate matter.


“My family has owned a local business for many years, and has been successfully represented by the firm’s attorneys in unexpected business disputes with vendors as well as a few customers over the years. The representation was both knowledgeable and practical, resulting in very successful outcomes.”